The “take away” format of the training

Mobile Learning has built its reputation at the same time as the evolution of modern society. A few years ago, Digital Learning slowly started taking its place, Mobile Learning has recently become powerful on the training market. Knowing that 71% of French people have a smartphone, makes us certain that this new learning format suits perfectly the times.

Training everywhere and all the time

Freedom is a concept sought by many of us, but utopian for some. With smartphones, training becomes accessible everywhere anytime without constrains. Mobile Learning transforms traditional training by adapting it or providing an additional information, being integrated in a tool that we use every day. The format of the training changes but not the substance. Training outside the workplace and working hours is possible, it is a free learner’s choice when and where to train.

An e-Learning module can be adapted to a mobile version as good as so-called face-to-face training. The Mobile Learning “codes” will be there to give a new dimension to your training. Drag and drop activity or an interactive video can equally capture the attention of learners as well as Serious Game on Mobile device.

Short knowledge sessions are a great learning

Small in format but not in the quality of its content. If knowledge is equated to a positive learning experience, then it is better absorbed, and the benefits last longer. If a pleasant memory is assimilated to a happy concept it will be retained longer in our memory. Here it works the same way. Revisiting key concepts, repeating precise patterns, and tackling complex concepts regularly increases memorization.

Normally after 1 month, a learner forgets between 70% and 80% of the training content if it is not reviewed. Revision and stimulation are the keys to tackling the forgetting curve. Mobile Learning combines mobility and convenience in learning.

High memory

After analyzing the key benefits of this learning format, we took the concept a step further with ButOrNot, a Mobile App for Micro Learning.

It brings together the qualities necessary for a good memory anchoring:

  • Captures the attention of learners via their smartphone,
  • Stimulates and allows repeating the main concepts,
  • Facilitates access to knowledge anywhere at anytime
  • Creates the challenge among learners
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