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Train your Sales Forces, promote your Products and Services, accelerate the Growth of your business


At the heart of any Business Unit, Commercial Marketing or Sales department, you want to increase your Sales and enhance your visibility, by forming and communicating better with your targets.

  • How can I successfully launch my service/product?

  • How can I launch or promote my service/product?

  • How can I improve my brand awareness?

  • How can I provide product/service training to my customers or end users?

  • How can I train in short intervals between the release of my product/service and its marketing?

  • How can I manage updates to training/information/communication content following the evolution/rise of numerous and close versions covering large product ranges or products/services?

  • How can I train to use products that have limited access due to their complexity, type, confidentiality status, or hazardous nature?

  • How do I deploy information, awareness or communication campaigns?

  • How do I animate a community?

  • How can I increase my turnover?

  • How can I effectively train my Sales Force with regards to my products and services?

  • How can I support my Sales Forces (in the field)?

  • How do I train external Sales Forces on products/services when there is no managerial link?

  • How do I energize and federate my distribution network?

  • How can I address and train hard to reach populations (space and availability)?

  • How can I increase productivity and boost the competitiveness of my employees?

  • How can I reduce the cost of the classroom and benefit from economies of scale ?

  • How can I speed up training cycles ?

  • How can I make training accessible throughout the year ?

  • How can I prolong exchanges beyond training ?

  • How can I train learners with disparities in terms of generation/culture/knowledge level ?

  • How can I optimize the information search times of my teams ?

  • How can I follow the rise in competence of my teams ?

  • How can I identify strong expertise within my teams ?

  • How can I encourage my team to share their know-how with other services ?

  • How can I share the practices I acquired through my experience with my colleagues ?

  • How can I find a quick fix to my problem without attending a time-consuming training course or disturbing one of my colleagues ?

« We have worked on the development of a Digital Interactive Wall for the launch of a new Therapy with ITycom. Following this concept’s success, we are now developing a real partnership together. »

 David Nepote-Vesino, International Marketing Manager

Our Strategy

Implement an Innovative Solution to Stimulate your teams and Mobilize them on your objectives

Gain in Productivity by mobilizing your teams in a shorter time.

Master your training budget by supporting the classroom on the one hand and distance on the other.

Identify precisely your needs to involve your teams and federate them using more effective and dynamic solutions.

Benefits expected

  • Increase your turnover

  • Accelerate your growth

  • Stimulate competitiveness

  • Federate / Involve / Mobilise

  • Adapt to the level of knowledge and skills of learners

  • Better training
  • Economies of scale
    • Number of learners
    • Geographic disparity
    • Production time preserved
  • Boost your training with “agile” methods
  • Provide just-in-time support to your employees
  • Broadcast your messages in a consistent way
  • Certify your employees
  • Capitalize on your teams’ field experience
  • Disseminate good practices
  • Develop community through experience sharing
  • Improve the image of training
  • Keep in touch with your learners throughout the year

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