Project Description

Seqens is a global player specialized in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients
Delivers a wide array of products, services and technologies to customers
Offers a broad range of active ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty products


  • To offer greater clarity and readability internally about the group’s activity with a simple distribution method that can be understood by all
  • To establish precise links between products and their applications in order to improve team performance
  • To target all Seqens employees as a priority

Seqens : Company Presentation through a Video


  • Motion Design video with sound for 1’30”
  • Corporate video presenting Seqens’ values and dynamism
  • Digital presentation to communicate to their employees. This presentation format allows for the uniform transmission of information

Benefits & Results

  • A commercial and promotional tool, which can be used on many media and is a real asset in terms of presentation
  • Employees are involved in their “Rebranding”, which shows that they are participants in this change while giving them the opportunity to carry out regular, quality work
  • Proof to all employees that they work in a dynamic company that wants to develop

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