Project Description

Firmenich is a Swiss company specialized in the creation of food flavors and fragrances
One of the World’s Top 3 in its market
Turnover of CHF 3,7 billion


  • Raise awareness among Top Management to Strategy and Business approaches of the company

  • Build and strengthen the Business skills of Managers

  • Foster and Develop Leadership competency

Firmenich: Business training, strategy & finance


  • Business Game immersing learners in a moving and competitive Business environment

  • Encourage participants to think about strategic directions and decisions within the Business Game, based on indicator analysis

  • Game used as part of a 2-day face-to-face training, grouping participants per team of 3

Benefits & Results

  • Global understanding of Business logic and Firmenich’s needs to establish itself on its markets

  • Anticipation developed in terms of actions and decision-making

  • Taking participants back on their activities to think globally

  • Taking into account multiple indicators to optimize the Management of the company

  • Consideration of multiple indicators to optimize the company’s management

  • Emulsion of participants encouraged by group work

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