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Project Description

The International Committee of the Red Cross, a humanitarian aid institution, works worldwide to help people affected by armed conflict and promotes respect for international humanitarian law.

Needs :
  • Raise awareness among civilian and military health personnel working in areas of armed conflict of the dangers to health care

  • Interactive e-Learning module based on the development project “Health care in danger: The rights and responsibilities of health-care personnel working in armed conflicts and other emergencies”

CICR, Health care in danger


  • Module accessible on computers and tablets via the ICRC website, and containing 10 chapters of 5 to 10 minutes each

  • Web documentary covering several themes related to emergency situations in a conflict context in order to cover the essential issues

Benefits & Results

  • Increased risk awareness through the visuals of the module

  • Improvement of reflexes in emergency situations

  • Dynamic, complete and fast module allowing to deal with a large number of topics

  • Images and videos that immerse the learner in an environment of conflict

  • Advice on how to secure yourself

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