Project Description

As an American company, Baxter provides a broad array of drugs and medical devices in two vitally important areas: hospital therapies and kidney therapies
48,000 employees in 60 countries around the world
More than 10 billion euros of turnover


  • Help sales representatives promote the new Baxter filtration membrane
  • Facilitate the work of health professionals through the Smartphone application
  • Better visualize and understand the characteristics of the new membrane

Baxter: Prescription App

  • Demonstration of a 3D filtration membrane using augmented reality
  • A Smartphone version to calculate the filtration of medium molecules and present the results on a graph
  • A more complete Tablet version, featuring videos, files and calculators in Baxter monitors
Benefits & Results
  • This application presents in a simple way the scientific evidence and tests demonstrating the filtration quality of Baxter products
  • Calculation support for the choice of the dialysis model best suited to the patient
  • Comparison of characteristics and performances of two different membranes

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