Immersion in Serious Game

The Serious Game concept combines the serious intention of training with the playful side of the game. For several years now, it has been a new training solution, acclaimed for its playful aspect which simplifies training.

Learning reinvented

We all know classical face-to-face learning which lasts for hours. We also know our limits of concentration and that it is better to take notes rather than calling on the creative memory in this type of complex training. Let’s not talk about the time of concentration on a 5h training… Learning while having fun is now possible!

Indeed, learning is reinvented due to the known game techniques, which are playful, lively, motivating and captivating. Using them learning takes on a new form!

A motivating universe

As we said, the “benefits” of games are used for training. A gamer can spend hours playing because the interactions within the game motivate him and push to go further. It can work the same way for training. We develop the engagement and keep the motivation of the learner, so that learning is no longer a constraint but a desire

Motivation can be driven by several elements:

  • A number of points to earn to acquire bonuses,
  • A character satisfaction level, or
  • A claim to unlock a real gain.

« The only way to do a good job is to love what you do »

Steve Jobs

Identification with the characters

In addition, many people have made history through their actions, inventions, innovations …

Who has never dreamed of being in the hero’s place? Thanks to the Serious Game this is achievable. The learner takes on the appearance of a character. His answers will influence the progression of his training path. Faced with a somewhat complex situation, all the resources and knowledge of the individual are mobilized, otherwise it is the character who “will suffer the consequences”. In this phase of “good stress” memory anchoring is more important. Without realizing, we learn more in this kind of situation. The level of concentration developed by gamified training allows the learner to focus on a different dimension of learning. The real educational performance of the Serious Game is there, it is based on unconscious learning.

Add a little competition

As you may have noticed before, one of the elements that the Serious Game has kept from the games is competition. Competition is one of the essential elements in a game. Imagine playing a game without collecting clues to reach the next level or without exceeding your opponents to become a leader. That is unthinkable, because it doesn’t sound like a game! The games are made to be entertaining but many people play to win. Applying this to training can have real impacts on its result. Traveling the training circuit through the Serious Game has become a fun adventure.

This “gamification” aims to evoke emotions within the learner such as the desire to succeed at all costs or the fear of failing. Then these emotions will multiply the experience of individuals and encourage them to advance in level of skills. These methods will develop the sense of competition among the learners. Dealing with potential loss of points, duels, challenges will no longer be a source of anxiety, but a source of healthy challenges and a will to succeed.

Serious Game can be compatible with many types of training courses. Motivation, drive, and the desire to learn are inseparable elements of this learning method. So why waiting? Try it now!

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