e-ADV the daily help for representatives

Definition: Tool with which it is possible to promote medical products only via a tablet. The e-ADV can gather videos, study reports, brochures, links to sites, or other features, all in one application.

ADV: Sales Administration

e-ADV, the great successor of the ADV (Sales Administration), has successfully achieved digitalization in its field. Allowing medical representatives to promote their products on a single medium is now possible. Thanks to the e-ADV, paper presentations are a thing of the past, wheeled suitcases have become lighter and cases can now be closed without seeing stacks of files. This device saves time for both sales representatives and customers thanks to the digitalization of the presentation. A tool that has many advantages, let’s see what they are: 

Saving time and organization

This is not the only advantage but it is perhaps the most interesting! Time can become our worst enemy when mismanaged. Thanks to the e-ADV, the representative saves time on his presentations. He no longer needs to take out all his files, turn on his computer to load demonstrations or show us videos on his phone. In a single ready-to-use medium and with a single application, the representative can present a PDF file, followed by a video and finally open a Power Point. A wide range of content is available instantly via a touch tablet. Forgetting a folder, not loading a video, not picking up the right folder, before you had to be so organized, now it’s hard to make it simpler.

Before, you had to be perfectly organized. Do not forget a file, upload the right video, take the right folder, now, thanks to e-ADV, it is difficult to make it simpler.

A modern vision of the laboratory

Laboratories present themselves as being at the forefront of technology in the products they offer, so they must show that they can adapt to the times in terms of commercial technology. A laboratory that uses the e-ADV will strengthen its reputation and will be seen as a modern company, it is a guarantee of quality in a very competitive field. The interactivity of this tool has won over representatives and customers alike. Indeed it is easier to visualize the characteristics of a product via a tablet rather than a folder.

The image of a laboratory is essential for its reputation, the e-ADV is surely the key. 

Ease of use at all levels

Who hasn’t dreamt of making their daily life easier as soon as possible? This application brings together several aspects that facilitate its use and the presentations made with it.

First of all, you have the possibility to customize this application so that it best represents your company. The graphic charter and the way to organize the interface will be yours. There is nothing like it to be more confident during a presentation.

Then, you will find the update functionality, which will now be automatic. It’s up to you to program the frequency of your updates so that it happens automatically. No more errors or missed updates. You will always find your saved contents. 

Finally, it must be said that a tablet is still easier to use than a paper file. A simple slide on the side allows you to scroll through a presentation page, with a double tap a video is launched, with a drag and drop you make the client interact with your product, with a spread it is possible to zoom in on smaller characters, etc… There are still many advantages but the easiest way is to try it!

The e-ADV is a tool that will save you time, simplify your presentations and give you a more modern vision of your company and your product, what are you waiting for to get started?

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