4 good reasons to choose Micro Learning for your training courses

Micro Learning refers to the learning of short sequences (from a few seconds to 3-4 minutes maximum) with abbreviated and simplified content, while maintaining quality. It is not suitable for all training content or volumes but it can offer many advantages. The key merit of this learning format is that it provides scenarios that are easily memorable, gives content that can be adapted to the rhythm of each person, and uses technology of its time.

It also has other features worth considering. Here are 4 good reasons to choose Micro Learning for your training:

Less time consuming

No more training sessions lasting several hours spread over several days or even more. A solution had to be found to reflect the fact that adults can only concentrate continuously for about 10 minutes. Thanks to Micro Learning and training sessions of a few minutes at most, concentration time is not an obstacle and learners can condense training time into a single session on the same day. Training no longer drains time, it has adapt to suit you.

Flexibility for the learner

Everybody’s attention span is at its best at different parts of the day. Some people are sharpest in the morning, some in the afternoon and some in the evening. The barriers of Where? When? and How? no longer exist thanks to Micro Learning. Each learner is free to decide when he or she should start or resume training. Learners can plan their training periods according to their availability and time constraints.

Strong memory

As mentioned, concentration time is limited because the brain gets tired and can no longer memorise enough after a certain amount of concentration time. The diffusion mode of Micro Learning is a combination of video, text, sound and image. This “almost” perfect mix makes it easier to remember lessons. In fact, memorisation of information increases by 50% when audio and visual are combined in the training. Whether you are more auditory or visual (which is the case for most people), this format is suitable for almost everyone.

With Micro Learning, learner can fulfil their needs much more easily and quickly assimilate and memorise information.

Lower cost

Thanks to their shorter format, the training modules allow employees to follow personalised training without any economic or logistical constraints. As training time is reduced, Micro Learning improves learners’ skills, significantly reducing the hourly cost of training.

These advantages,the shortened duration and the simplified formats make Micro Learning a great ally for your distance learning courses. It allows you to reduce direct and indirect costs associated with any training, thus increasing your ROI.

Is this the magic solution? Almost! The ROI is much higher because learners can be trained at their workplaces and the speed of the modules does means there should be no drop in productivity.

So when are you going to make the leap?

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